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Hi, in this Grandbux Review, you are going to discover what Grandbux is. Secondly, you will also know whether Grandbux is a legitimate site to work with or just another scam. By the end of this Grandbux Review, you will be equipped with all the information you need to know about Grandbux.

From this information, you will be able to make a well-informed decision of whether to work or invest money on Grandbux. To begin our discussion, let us find out what Grandbux is.

What Is Grandbux?

Grandbux is a paid to click site which allows its members to make money by watching advertisements. There are also other ways you can make money on Grandbux which will be discussed in detail shortly.

Grandbux was founded in 2014 by a team of experts. It is a USA registered company located in California. And has paid so far about 3 million dollars to its currently 400,000+ members.

Is Grandbux A Legitimate Company? If So, Does Grandbux Pay?

Grandbux is indeed a legitimate USA registered company based in Saint Monica, California. You don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of Grandbux because Grandbux is now over 3 years old as of 2017.

This is a company you can genuinely trust. Unlike other scams out there, you are safe with Grandbux. Make sure you read their terms of service (TOS) to avoid getting banned due to ignorance after registering.

Additionally, Grandbux never fails to pay its members on time. Their payments are lightning fast and instant upon requesting a payout. Grandbux uses smart payment system (SPS) so that anyone can request a payout at any time without delays.

The minimum payout threshold is $5. In short, you should not worry whether you will get paid or not. You rest assured that you will receive your payments upon requesting your payout. You will be paid via Payza. They are still working on other payment options like:

  • Payoneer (Recommended. Free $25 using that link to sign up)
  • Skrill
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoins

Grandbux Security Features

Grandbux has interesting security features which protect your account from unsuspecting hackers who may try to hack your account. These features are:

Pin code

Upon registering your account with Grandbux, you will be required to set up your pin code. This is the code which you will be required to use when withdrawing your earnings. After setting up your pin code, you cannot reset it. So, store your pin code in a safe place where you can easily remember. Do not share your pin code with anyone else for your own security.


This is another security feature of Grandbux to protect its members. In addition to the above, you will also be required to verify your account ownership. It is also an important step you need to do to receive your payments. To verify your account, go to settings, you will then see the verification option as shown below or use the other option below via email.

When verifying your account ownership, you need to upload images of your utility bill, national ID, or driver’s license. Only choose one verification method to use. For instance, if you choose to use your national ID, you only need to submit an image of your national ID.

Only one side of your national ID is required. The image format should be either jpg or jpeg. Use online pdf to image converters to convert your pdf or png images to jpeg. Send the document to

Make sure the title of your email is verification (your username). Otherwise, it will not be reviewed. Your names on your verification documents should match that of your Grandbux profile. You will receive a confirmation email that your account is verified within 14 days.

Is Grandbux Free To Join?

Of course. Grandbux is free to join for everyone from any country. There are no country restrictions. To get started with Grandbux, join by clicking the lovely banner below to get started.

How Much Can You Make On Grandbux?

This is the question you may be asking yourself at this point. To answer this question, you need to first understand how Grandbux works. Without this knowledge, you won’t make any sensible income there.

I will also like to stress out that Grandbux is by no means a get rich quick scheme where one can make thousands of dollars overnight. If you have such mindset, then Grandbux is not the right place for you.

Grandbux is just like any other paid to click site. But what sets Grandbux apart is its high-quality rental referrals. It is the only paid to click site on the internet where you can make substantial income renting referrals alone.

As you know, not everyone can recruit direct referrals effectively to their paid to click sites. Reason being direct referrals are quite challenging to get due to saturation and stiff competition. Unless you have a blog with good SEO, you cannot get a constant stream of direct referrals. As a result earning opportunities are much better here. You can make up to $5000 or more per month with proper management of rental referrals.

There are a lot of successful Grand heroes who make $1000 to $6000 per month pure profit. Their income comes from rented referrals alone. You too can be a Grand here if you work hard and are patient.

I also encourage you to visit the forum after registering. You will learn a lot of useful information and tips on how to manage your account from other successful members. Without wasting much time, let us now get into our discussion on various ways of making money on Grandbux.

1. Viewing Advertisements

Grandbux view advertisements

You can simply earn by viewing ads. The ads pay in the range of $0.0005 to $0.01 per click depending on your membership. All you need to do is to click the ads by clicking earn money option to the right after registering with Grandbux.

When you click on any of the ads, a new browser window will open. From there, wait for the timer to finish loading. When the timer is done, you will be asked to click an upside down picture as shown below to be credited.

Of course, you won’t get rich or make $5000 per month by viewing advertisements. In fact, you will only make around $0.1 to $0.3 by clicking ads. But don’t be discouraged by this in the beginning.

Reason being, there are other ways you can make a substantial income on Grandbux. As you know any legitimate business be it blogging or affiliate marketing takes time to materialize. The same applies to Grandbux. So, don’t give up.

Anyone or system telling you that you can make thousands of dollars overnight without hard work is a scam. Do not fall for these useless scams which are giving the internet a bad reputation for making money from.

I encourage you to view all your advertisements daily according to server time. This is important. Reason being, if you don’t view your ads, you will not get any commissions from your referrals.

Use Buxenger To View Advertisements Faster

Buxenger is an amazing app which allows you to view ads much faster. Instead of going to and from the computer screen which is time-consuming. With Buxenger, your ads will be displayed on the same screen.

All you need to do is select the ads you want to view. Then, click the play button to view your selected ads. You will then see the total number of ads you selected. From here, just click the arrows after viewing one ad to the next one. This will save you a lot of time.

For more information on how to use and configure Buxenger, download this free eBook tutorial. The complete guide on how to configure and use Buxenger. All the detailed instructions on how to set up Buxenger from start to finish are nicely outlined for you.

2. Grandgrid

Grandbux grandgrid

Grandgrid is another good way you can make some quick pocket money on Grandbux. All you need to do is to click on any of the square boxes. A new page will open in another tab which will indicate whether you are a lucky winner or not. You can win up to $5.

3. Participating In The $1000 Daily Contest

Grandbux $1000 daily point contest

This special feature is what makes Grandbux unique from all other paid to click sites out there. As a member, you can participate in the $1000 daily contest. To be eligible for the $1000, you need to accumulate the highest number of points within 24 hours.

After 24 hours, Grandbux will then announce the winner for that day. If you happen to be one of them, you will be awarded $1000 to your account which is marvelous indeed. You can accumulate points by:

  • Viewing all your ads: 1ad®1 point
  • Grandgrid: 1 win®2 points
  • Competing micro jobs: 1 completed task®2 points
  • Recruiting direct referrals: 1 direct referral®3 points
  • Points per dollar deposited: 10

4. Doing Micro jobs

Grandbux micro jobs

Micro jobs are a much better way of earning some quick pocket money. The payout rate is much better than that of viewing ads. But to qualify for micro jobs, you need to click a minimum of 1000 ads in total. You will get paid up to $2 per completed micro job.

5. Renting Referrals.

This is where the true earning power of Grandbux lies. Grandbux has the highest quality of rented referrals amongst all the paid to click sites out there. Unlike other paid to click sites which give referral commissions for only certain types of ads, Grandbux gives referral click commissions for all types of ads.

Rental referrals on Grandbux are more active than any paid to click bux sites you may think of out there. This is what sets Grandbux apart because not everyone can get direct referrals. As you know, the paid to click industry is very saturated.

Earning Potential From Rental Referrals

With Grandbux, you can make a substantial income with rental referrals alone due to their high-quality Avg. There are a lot of Grand heroes who make more than $5000 per month with their proper management of their rental referrals. Take a look at the screen shot of highest earning members which are showed every 48 hours.

As you can see from the picture above, there are members who are making more than $6000. You too can be a Grand hero. Remember, patience and dedication will be required on your part. I encourage you to visit the forum for tips on how to manage your account.

There are a lot of tips thereby successful members on how you can manage your account. Referrals cost $16 to rent 100 referral pack and $25 for 150 referral pack. The maximum number of referrals you can rent depend on the type of your membership.

Do not rent referrals as a standard member because you will not earn much. Reason being, referral click commissions are two times lower than that of upgraded members. Instead, install a flash clicker. It is an exclusive feature available to standard members. Flash clicker costs $5 per month. You can make $10 per month net profit viewing ads alone with flash clicker enabled.

Free Rental Referrals For All Upgraded Members

This is another excellent feature which makes Grandbux unique from all other paid to click sites out there. With Grandbux, all upgraded members have access to high quality free rental referrals. The maximum number of free rental one can have varies with each upgraded membership as shown below. I encourage you to go for silver membership if you are short on cash. Silver membership only costs around $60 for one year.

  • Silver members can collect 5 FREE rental referrals every 6 days (Limit: 150)
  • Golden members can collect 10 FREE rental referrals every 5 days (Limit: 250)
  • Ultimate members can collect 20 FREE rental referrals every 4 days (Limit: 300)
  • Ultimate+ members can collect 20 FREE rental referrals every 4 days (Limit: 500)
  • Superior members can collect 25 FREE rental referrals every 3 days (Limit: 500)
  • Superior+ members can collect 25 FREE rental referrals every 3 days (Limit: 1000)
  • Exclusive members can collect 50 FREE rental referrals every 3 days (Limit: 2500)

For more detailed and comprehensive information on how to manage your rental referrals, download this Grandbux Strategy pdf guide. Ultimate Strategy on how to effectively manage rental referrals for maximum profit.

6. Recruiting Direct Referrals

Getting direct referrals is the second most effective way of making a good income on Grandbux after renting referrals. But getting direct referrals is not as easy as it seems on paper. You need a proper strategy if you are to succeed in getting direct referrals due to saturation and stiff competition. After registering, you can find your referral link by clicking account. Then, click banners option on the left.

After clicking there, you will be shown your referral link and banners you can use to get direct referrals. I recommend Referral Booster if you want to get direct referrals via banner advertising. Referral Booster is the most effective place to get direct referrals via banner advertising. Their advertising plans are among the cheapest out there as you can see below.


If you want to get a constant stream of direct referrals without spending a dime on advertising, you need a blog. Having a blog is the most effective way of getting direct referrals on autopilot on any paid to click sites.

This means you need to learn SEO which will help your blog rank well on search engines. SEO is what will bring organic traffic to your blog which will convert to referrals. For more information on how to get direct referrals, read this comprehensive guide nicely written for you. How to get direct referrals on paid to click sites.

7. Upgrading Your Grandbux Membership

Upgrading your account on Grandbux is a must if you want to make money there in a shortest possible time. I encourage you to start with silver membership as earlier said. It only costs about $60 dollars for one year.

The other reason why you should upgrade your account after registering is that you will have access to high-quality rental referrals. You cannot effectively rent referrals as a standard member profitably.

Reason being, the referral commissions are 2 times less compared to upgraded members. Meaning, all the profit you make will go to renewing and extending your referrals leaving you with nothing to spare.

8. Grandbux Exclusive Features

In this part of our Grandbux Review, were are going to look at some of the exclusive features in little detail. And why they make Grandbux unique from all other paid to click sites out there. These exclusive features are:


The leaderboard is where Grandbux shows it highest earners. It also shows the money each member invested and their return on investment (ROI). Additionally, the types of memberships and their total cashouts as well. The leader board somehow motivate Grandbux members that financial freedom is possible by working on their platform.

Live Referral Bar

Live referral bar is a special feature available to superior+ members going upwards. These members can see their availably of their direct and rental referrals easily. Referrals will show up on the live referral bar as soon as they are available. Members can click on the green icon to see the available referrals or if they want to purchase new ones.

Travelling Money

Traveling money is also an exclusive bonus of Grandbux. The money moves randomly within each member’s purchase or main account. The money will come to your account for only 60 seconds. If you don’t realize and spend this money while online, the free $30 will move to the next member.

Auto profit

Auto profit is an interesting feature which allows you to get an extra 20% from your main balance. The auto profit is achieved when you transfer cash from your main balance to your purchase balance. For example, if you have $10 in your account, you will get $12 when your $10 is transferred to your purchase balance. You can then use this money for other things like renewing and extending your rental referrals.

If you want, you can disable auto profit. This will not affect your money in your account and will remain the same if auto profit is disabled. But if you want maximum earnings in your account, I encourage you to leave auto profit on.

Deposit Bonuses

This is also an amazing feature found only on Grandbux. You get deposit bonuses when you deposit a certain amount of money to your purchase balance. For instance, if you deposit $2,500, you will get $1,500 bonus to your account which is marvelous indeed. No other paid to click site out there gives these generous awards to its members.

Return Of Investment (ROI)

Return on investment (ROI) is the amount of money you expect to get after investing a certain sum of money in a business. With Grandbux, the return of investment varies depending on the type of your membership. It also indicates the maximum cashout you can make according to your membership. For maximum ROI cashouts, upgrade to higher memberships.

All upgraded members have a handsome return of investments when they invest their money. Of course, with higher memberships, the return of investment is even greater. Grandbux has the highest return of investments one can get among all paid to click sites out there. Take a look at a screenshot below to see how much you can get after investing your money depending on your membership.

Awards For Managing Your Account

Grandbux also awards its loyal members for properly managing your account. This means to qualify for the award, you need to manage your rented referrals at a constantly profitable Avg. Your referral average should be 9 going upwards. If you do so, you will be credited a free $20 for managing your account effectively.

Grandbux Forum

Grandbux forum is an awesome platform where you can learn tips on how to successfully manage your account from other successful members. The forum is very active and helpful indeed. Make sure you do not violate the forum rules to avoid getting banned as they are very strict.

There are a lot of mentors you can look up to if you want to learn how to build a profitable account with your rental referrals. Additionally, you can contact the admin themselves for help. The admin will give you tips on how you should manage your account to be in profit at all times.

Vacation Mode

This is a special feature which is available to superior members going upwards. Vacation mode allows these members to earn referral click commissions even if they haven’t clicked their ads. Under normal circumstances, you need to click all your ads daily to receive referral commissions. If you don’t click your ads, you will not receive any commissions from your referrals. The number of vacation days varies according to your membership.

Grandbux Show Your Love Loyalty Program

This is a special program Grandbux runs as a way of saying thank you to its loyal members. You get awarded $25 in your purchase balance when you participate tin the show your love loyalty program.

Grandbux chooses one of their loyal members and awards $25 every single day during the campaign. To participate in this contest, you need to your show your love by replying to the official thread. If you want to be eligible for this reward you can;

  • Vote for Grandbux on EMS or NBR everyday
  • Share your referral link on Facebook or Twitter
  • Take your Grandbux selfie and share it via your Instagram account
  • Posting your reviews at Grandbux Facebook official page

Free Grand Flash Exposure

All upgraded members now can advertise their own website/affiliate link free of charge. Each approved campaign will receive 5,000 views per flash advertisement. The limits according to membership are:

  • Silver membership: 1 campaign
  • Golden membership: 2 campaigns
  • Ultimate membership: 3 campaigns
  • Ultimate+ membership: 4 campaigns
  • Superior membership: 5 campaigns
  • Superior+ membership: 10 campaigns
  • Exclusive membership: 25 campaigns

You should note that your post will be deleted after your flash campaign is listed by their team. Your flash advertisement will be viewed mostly by flash clickers. The benefit is only once for this promotion. Here is an example of a flash campaign.

Title: Top PTC


Grandbux is indeed the best PTC site out there to invest your money for a good turnover profit. Secondly, Grandbux is the only paid to click site where you can make a profitable income in your spare time. Due to the fact that their rental referrals are the best quality of any paid to click bux site out there. No other paid to click site can compare with Grandbux in terms of earning potential.

Indeed, Grandbux is not a waste of time unlike other paid to click sites with low earning potential. Take a look at the picture below which summarizes everything about Grandbux. After registering, you should also click on the show click commissions above so that you can see all your referral commissions.

Consequently, you can easily make more than $5000 per month with proper management of your rental referrals. The picture below summarizes everything you need to know about Grandbux.

Grandbux account summary page


Having read this Grandbux review comprehensive guide, you now know that Grandbux is a legitimate and profitable paid to click site to work with. Now, it’s your turn to seize this amazing opportunity to change your financial destiny for the better.

If you have not registered yet, click the beautiful banner below to get started. Thank you for your precious time you spent reading this post. I know the information here has gone a long way in helping you make a well-informed decision to join Grandbux.

Kindly share this with your dear family and friends. This rare online earning opportunity can make a huge financial difference to them. As you know sharing is caring indeed.