Upload Ocean is a free online file hosting site which allows its members to simply earn by uploading files to their lightning fast SSD 256-bit secure servers. Then, sharing your download link of the uploaded files on internet platforms. This could be your niche website, forums, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms you may think of. UploadOcean pays $21 per 1000 completed downloads.

UploadOcean rates per 1000 downloads

You can also use UploadOcean to store your files online which you can access and share with your friends anywhere. Your files are very secure on their 256-bit encrypted servers. So you do not need to worry about your files being stolen or compromised in any way. This UploadOcean Review will discuss various ways you can earn money by simply sharing files freely.



UploadOcean is indeed one of the most legitimate online file hosting sites out there. You will never need to worry about your payments. They pay all their members regularly within 7 days after you request a payout and the minimum payment threshold is above $10. You can request your payout when you reach your threshold via several payment processors listed in the picture below.

UploadOcean payment options

As you can see from the picture above, there are several payment processors you can use to cash out your money. All you need to do is choose your preferred payout option. To further validate the assertion that Upload Ocean is indeed a legitimate site, you can take a look at the payment proof screen shot below. I use Payza as my payment option.

UploadOcean payment proof

Now that you know that Upload Ocean is a legitimate site to earn a decent income from, it’s now the time to find out the various ways you can make money using Upload Ocean. But first, to get started, you need to register for an account by clicking the beautiful banner below or by clicking here. After successful registration, you are now ready to start earning money using various methods listed below.

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Creating a website is the first thing you need to do to start earning money on Upload Ocean because, without a website, you will not earn much. So, your website will be your foundation to your online passive income.

Registering A New Domain For Your Blog

To get started with your new website, you need to first register your domain with a domain registrar. I recommend 1and1 because is it cheap and you will only pay $1.5 for the first year as a new customer when you click that link.

1and1 domain registration page

Purchase A Hosting Account For Your Domain

After successfully registering your domain with 1and1, you then need to find a cheap reliable hosting plan to host your domain. There are several hosting options you can use out there. But for the cheapest price and value for your money, I recommend you use Namecheap hosting for hosting your domain. This is because it’s cheap. You will only pay about $10 for the first year when you click this link which is cheap and newbie friendly indeed.

namecheap hosting

After successfully registering and purchasing your hosting plan, you will receive an email confirming that you have purchased hosting with them along with the name servers which you will need to use with your 1and1 account.

Pointing 1and1 Domain To Namecheap

Now that you have successfully purchased your domain and hosting with Namecheap which will total to only about $12 for the whole year. You then need to point your domain name you registered with 1and1 to your Namecheap hosting account. Since it’s the one hosting our domain by editing your DNS settings in your 1and1 account.

This is done by logging into your 1and1 account and then going to domains. Then, go to edit DNS settings. For a step by step guide on how to go about this delicate procedure, you can download the free eBooks below on how to point your 1and1 domain to Namecheap.

How to point your 1and1 domain to Namecheap hosting account.pdf
Even a baby can create a website.pdf

After doing everything and having set up your website which should be up and running after 24hours, now it is time to find the niches you can use to monetize your blog. There are a lot of niches to use out there to monetize your blog. The good part of this site is that your visitors do not need to fill in a survey to download your file.

The download is instantly available to the visitor who visits your file you want them to download. The download speeds are great. Your downloaders will not need to wait for too long for the download to finish. Let us now discuss the niches you can use to earn money below.



Email Marketing is an effective way you can use to make money with Upload Ocean. All you need is find or write eBooks which you can give freely to your loyal email subscribers on a regular basis to download about a particular subject. As they say, money is on the list.

For example, you can write eBooks on affiliate marketing or blogging SEO which you then upload to Upload Ocean. When the upload is finished, you then copy the download link to your eBook and save it in a new text or Microsoft document.

Give Free eBooks To Your Email Subscribers

The next step now is to give your free eBook on affiliate marketing or any other subject to your loyal subscribers. Do this via the download link you earlier got and copied in your text or Microsoft word document. Thereafter, paste the link in your email auto responders which automatically send messages to all your subscribers.

When your loyal subscribers receive a message from you, they will see the link to the eBook you want them to download. They can then download the eBooks freely without any hassle. For example, If I want to send an offer or updates to my subscribers about internet marketing as a gift for being part of my mailing list. All I need is to type an offer in my autoresponder which will be,

HI, I want to give you a free eBook guide to internet marketing. This eBook will show you how you can make $5000/month by affiliate marketing. To get the free eBook, click here (your Upload Ocean download link) to download a free guide to make $5000/month on affiliate marketing.”

This is the message you should send to all your subscribers on your mailing list. If you provide regular updates like this to your loyal email subscribers this way, you can make a decent income. So, if you have a medium to high traffic website or even the one with low traffic, you should work on building a huge email list or subscriber base. Your email list is where you be sending your free eBooks on any interesting subject you may think of.


This is why email marketing is very important in your internet marketing business. If you have a huge list of email subscribers which you are sending regular updates, offers or eBook tutorials, you can make a nice $1000+/month passive income on autopilot.


Creating niche websites based on the above niches is the best of all to make a significant income with UploadOcean. All you need to do is set up your website and select any of the niches above to monetize your blog with.

For example, if you have chosen the software niche to monetize your blog with, all you need to do is search for the most popular softwares which are most sought after by users and are in high demand and upload them on UploadOcean.

When the upload is done, you then copy the resulting download link and paste it onto your software niche website and add download buttons to increase the download rate of your files. You can use button optimizer to generate free download buttons for your website.

Do SEO To Your Website

From there, do some SEO which was earlier mentioned so that your website is ranked on the first page on google so as to bring free organic traffic to your software niche website which will convert to downloads.

Thereby converting to cash since your visitors will download the software applications which you are sharing for free on your niche website. There are a lot of popular softwares you can promote to make a decent income. The most popular softwares you can promote are:

· Popular Windows-based softwares
· Popular APK android apps
· Popular Download accelerators/managers apps
· Popular game cracks or keygens

One such good example of a website which makes some decent cash by just uploading and sharing free softwares is Mhktricks. You can visit the website by clicking there to have an idea of how your software niche website should look. As you saw after visiting the website Mhktricks is a software niche based website.

This is how your software niche websites should look and you can do the same for other niche websites which you may want to create in future. As you saw when you visited the website Mhktricks, this website makes money by sharing the most common download manager which is Internet Download Manager


This is a special windows application which is used to accelerate your download speeds up to 5x than that of default web browsers. This software is very good and saves you a lot of time especially if you are downloading large files like games, HD videos or HD Movies.

So, you should also look for popular softwares similar to the one mentioned above. I also encourage you to also promote android apps which are popular like games or any other popular apps you may think of. There are many out there to pick from.



You can also distribute free eBooks while writing a blog post on a particular topic to further illustrate your point. For example, when you are blogging about how to money online, you can add free pdf eBooks for your readers for them to download freely.

One practical example is the make money online subject. I listed some of the ways to make money online. One of the ways mentioned was affiliate marketing. I can simply say for more detailed information on this subject, you can get hold of this free pdf guide to affiliate marketing by downloading it here (your UploadOcean download link).



Creating a resources page on your website where your visitors can download stuff for free is a very effective way to make money with your blog using UploadOcean. The stuff you can share on your resources page can be anything from eBook tutorials, educational materials and any other useful information which can add value to your readers.

Your resources page should look something like this or as you can see on top of this website. As you can see when you visit that link, there are several useful eBook resources visitors can download for free which will earn you money in the process.



Uploading popular movies TV shows or series can also bring you some decent cash if you choose proper and popular movie sharing sites. All you need to do is simply upload a popular movie, TV show or series to UploadOcean.

Thereafter, get the resulting download link. Then, share the download link on these popular movies sharing sites and wait for downloads to start rolling in. A lot of people make a decent living just by sharing links like this. Some of the popular movie sites you can use for this purpose are:

· Tfpdl
· Ddmkv
· Micromkv



YouTube is also a very effective platform you can make money with UploadOcean. All you need is find a popular niche and make nice videos about your chosen niche and upload them on your channel. This could be any interesting niche you may think of. There are several niches which you can choose out there. Some of the popular niches to choose for your monetization purposes are:

· Gaming Niches
· Product Reviews
· Popular Software Hacks
· Latest Android Softwares

Make High-Quality Videos

After selecting your niche, the next step is to make some nice high-quality videos in your chosen niche and upload them on your channel. From there, give your videos a nice catchy title which will compel visitors to click on your videos.

Additionally, you then write a brief description about your video and this is where you are going to add your download links. You should also give your video good tags and do SEO to all your videos so that they are easy to rank and find on the first page on YouTube when visitors search on a particular topic which is related to your videos which will result in more viewers to your videos.

For example, if you are promoting a crack or key of a certain software, on your video description you can say, “To download the crack or key to this software, click on this link (your UploadOcean download link).”

Use UploadOcean With Higher Paying PPD Sites Like Sharecash For More Effective Results

If you want to get the most using this method, I suggest using Sharecash or DollarUpload which are similar to UploadOcean but they require the visitor trying toy access your content to complete a short survey to unlock your content.

This is very effective especially if you are promoting premium content like game cheats and hacks of popular games like Clash of Clans on your channel. The way you go about this is first to upload a zipped file to UploadOcean.

Then, get the resulting download link when the upload is done. Copy and paste the download link in your video description so that viewers viewing your videos can freely download the zip file. This zipped file should contain another zipped file which is password protected with a readme text stating that to get the password to this file visit this link which can be either your Sharecash or DollarUpload link of the password text you uploaded there for the file.

This way, you will be making money on both sides of the coin which is UploadOcean and either Sharecash or DollarUpload which pay up to $20 per download. For more details about this method, you can read the detailed comprehensive posts below to shed more light.

· How to make $2000 per month with Sharecash
· How to make $2000 per month with DollarUpload



Forums like Quora and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many others are also effective platforms to share the file for free. You can share any interesting files such as eBook tutorials, leaked trailers of most popular TV shows or movies educational materials and many other interesting materials you may think of.

For social media sites like Facebook, you can create your Facebook page where you can share you interesting materials about any topic. You can also join Facebook groups with similar ideas to yours and share any relevant information in form of free eBooks which can be helpful to your friends in the face group you are a member of.

You can also join several online forums out there to participate in by helping and answering questions about a particular topic. Offer free eBooks as you answer questions. Make sure you do not spam. Your answers to questions should be helpful and add value to the community and not spammy.

For example, if someone asks a question about losing belly fat, you should begin by first answering the question in detail. From there, you can then share free eBooks about the subject of losing belly fat. Provide your UploadOcean download links to the eBooks so that your visitors can download the materials freely which will earn you some money in the process.


UploadOcean is indeed one of the best file hosting sites out there to make money with your blog even with moderate traffic. It is indeed a much better alternative to Google AdSense which requires huge traffic to your blog to make a decent income.

The earnings are also much better as you get paid up to $21 per 1000 downloads. Unlike Google AdSense which requires a lot of clicks daily to make any sensible income.


UploadOcean is indeed one of the best legitimate file hosting sites out there you can confidently trust. You do not need to worry about payments. You will get paid for sure when you reach your minimum payout threshold which is $10.

Thank you for taking you precious time in reading this UploadOcean Review about this wonderful site. I hope this information will go a long way in helping you to monetize your blog. Kindly share this wonderful piece of information to your family and friends. As you know, sharing is caring indeed.

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